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Deformer Pro 1.0

Deformer Pro is a graphic program to warp images with the mouse
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Deformer Pro is a graphic program to warp images with the mouse.
You can alter any image by dragging the mouse over it. This can be done through four or three points.

Deformer Pro has no installation of any kind. It´s totally portable, you´ll only need to run the executable file to use it.

First, you must load a JPG image to modify. If it´s too small, the program will refuse to load it.

Deformer Pro will place a red grid over the image that you load. This grid is used to perform the deformation.

You must point with your mouse to the cell in the grid that you want to move. Then you will need to press and hold your mouse´s right button, and move the mouse in the direction you want. You will see how the image changes before your eyes.

You can perform as many touches as you want, roll back unwanted changes (using the "Undo the last operation" option) or reset to the original image (using the "R" button).

When you´re finished deforming the image, press the "S" button to fix the image. You can then save or print the resulting image.

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